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about me

Height: 5"10   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Brown

Below you will find a selection of projects I have had the pleasure to have collaborated on. For a full resume, click on the link at the bottom of the page.



Pachamama Productions  |   Diners, Romance, and the Noble Pig   |   2019  |   Lead Actor

Phamaly Theater Company   |   Romeo and Juliet   |   2018  |   Mercutio

Central City Opera   |   Tosca   |   2017  |   Roberti


Star Wizard Films, LLC   |   Rage Of The Mummy   |   2018  |   Supporting Actor

Mocksides Studios  |   Residual   |   2014  |   Supporting Actor

Venture Compass Pictures   |   The Wolves   |   2014  |   Lead Actor

Other Media

Tartarus Jenny Productions   |   Harbor   |   2019  |   Supporting Actor

CU Denver Film School   |   Terrible Encounters of the Tender Kind   |   2017  |   Supporting Actor

Training & Workshops

Denver Center for the Performing Arts   |   Stage Combat   |   Geoffrey Kent

Mocksides Studios   |   Film and TV Acting   |   David Dalton and Chad Schnackel

Grafenberg Playschool   |   Long-form Improv   |   Justin Franzen

Special Skills

Conversational Japanese, Basic Spanish; Beginner Harmonica; SAFD Certified Actor Combatant (Expires 2022), Unarmed Stage Combat (Expires 2020), Theatrical Firearms (Expires 2022) Knife (Expires 2022); Broadsword; Rapier & Dagger; Single Sword; British -RP, Southern United States, Northeastern United States -New Jersey, Brooklyn, Italian, French, Japanese, Arabic; Beginner Kendo; Intermediate Taekwondo; Bachelors of Arts in Asian Studies; ESL Teacher; Valid US passport; Can Drive Manual Transmission; Can Ride a Bike; Good With Children; Beginner Whistler; Various Laughs; Lockpicking; Tom Waits Impersonator.

Download Full Resume

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